baby gunner ^^

more costumes :D

I want those pokemon costume so BAD *-*


[ x ]

There has been a lot of male toons in this outfit popping up all over the image boards, finally NC done something right.


Aion 4.7 - Cloth Armor 

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One of the new wedding dress, I dyed it sky blue ( dye from the Ncstore ) it kinda reminds me of Cinderella’s dress….


Korea is holding a Summer Sale Special, the following items will be in the cash shop between 23 July to 20 August 2014:

- New Summer Swimsuits; comes in 3 designs and colours, each has their own headphones, only the green variation does not have shades (both factions will wear the same footwear, the ladies in heels while the guys in flip-flops)

- Surfboard mount; comes with a tide animation when moving

- Summer Relaxation emote; when equipped with the summer swimsuit, your character’s hoods and headphones go off

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