FINALY !!! Mastarius staff skin *-*

wanted that one for a while  :>

My chanter is wearring it since she is my lady in red :D

I think the staff matches her better than it would on my cleric because she is all in light blue and white >.< 

I’m sorry if I didn’t post alot lately I just needed a break from Aion >.< and was busy Q.Q


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New 4.5 wings *u*

Need !!


The new skins also suck. Except for the first one TOTOES GETTIN

Omgggg !!

Back on SL coz I wanted to see what’s up on there and OMG they have a SAILOR MOON FAIR !!!  ( ty Nono for showing me ! )

I love Sailor Moon, grew up with this anime >.< <3

Tryed to make a cosplay of Chibi moon because she was one of my fav character along with Sailor Mars and Saturn >.<  BUT Chibi Moon won because she turns into the Black Lady !!! :D ( and Luna P rox !!! I want one >,..,< )  

I decided to give a shot to the hair tutorial Lhyrics made for us but I suck at toshop Q.Q this is not finished but I’m sleepy and after an hour of messing with it, this is what I’ve got so far >_<

zsoltvegh asked:
"I found a good matching hat for this costume I think :o76 notes ❖ Permalink 1 week ago on 29 Mar 2014" - i luv this hat. :D i play in eu, but i cant find it :(


this is this item  :

don’t think Aion EU has it :( 

Some BubbleGoth pictures ( from : )
I know it has nothing to do with Aion but it’s the kind of things that inspires me for my characters/outfits

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